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How to add users to your Base account
How to add users to your Base account

A guide for office administrators to create profiles for new users on the Base system.

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  • Only users with Administrator access can create and add more users.

  • Navigate to settings, manage users to access your current users.

  • Click on add user.

  • Complete the user's account details including role, personal details and add an optional bio in the profile section.

  • We recommend a very strong password to keep your entire Base account safe. This will be indicated by the password strength indicator:

  • There is no need to resize the profile photo, this can be done at upload time and users can also upload their own photos.

  • The new user will be able to log on as soon as their profile has been created and saved.

  • To disable a user, change the status button to inactive. We don't recommend changing the password as the user will still be able to recover their own password through the login screen.

  • For detailed help on removing a user, click here.

  • To control portal access for individual users, click here.

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