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How to configure individual portal access for agents
How to configure individual portal access for agents

Find out how to control to which portals specific agents can list

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Office administrators can activate only specific portals for per user if required.
โ€‹To do this navigate to:

  • User settings in the settings menu

  • Open the user profile

  • Click on the Portal & User Access tab

  • Deactivate or activate the selected portals with the checkboxes

  • Save

Important to remember

  • If a portal is deactivated for a user, they won't be able to list any new mandates on that portal.

  • All portals are activated by default for your agents and new agent profiles you create.

  • If the user previously had access to the portal and selected listings to feed through, those listings will stay activated on the portal until the user changes the listing to one of the inactive statuses.

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