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How to categorise your personal contacts
How to categorise your personal contacts

Base contact type tags gives you flexibility to categorise your contacts in multiple ways

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This is a great feature that allows you to easily categorise and filter your contacts.


Each user can configure their own contact type tags. Navigate to settings / customise. Here you will find your my contact tags. Click on the edit icon to add or remove contact type tags. You can add anything that will help you categorise your contacts better e.g.

Tagging your contacts

Now you will be able to open and tag a contact individually, through the personal tab on a contact. You can select multiple tags as shown below:

Filtering your contacts

From your contacts dashboard, you can now easily filter for contacts that match all of your selected personal tags:

Tag tips

If you have lots of tags, try making them more descriptive with a prefix, so they are grouped together, e.g. here we've prefixed with 'finance'. You can also colours code similar tags. This makes it easier when you filter.

You can also use tags in more advanced ways.

If you automate Base with the Zapier integration, you can use tags to trigger certain events. E.g. here we've set up buyer and seller drip email tags. Once the Zapier event is set up, it will automatically add your contact to a predefined drip email campaign in an external newsletter applications like Mailchimp, as soon as you tag and save them:


Will other users see my personal contact tags?

These tags are only available to you to apply to contacts, but if you share your contact, those tags will show up for other users.

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