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Automated leads import from property portals
Automated leads import from property portals

Learn how Base can automatically import contact leads from external property portals

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Effective leads management is critical for any real estate agency, and we'd like to help you work smarter, by automatically importing lead contacts for further processing.

You can set up automatic lead imports by configuring your email account under your Base profile settings. Once connected, the system will automatically start to import leads from major portals.

Portals supported

We've enabled the following portals, with more portals following in the future:

  • Your own website (if hosted through Entegral this will import leads automatically without the need to do the extra email configuration)

  • MyProperty South Africa and Namibia

  • Property24

  • SA Hometraders

  • Gumtree

  • Private Property

  • Property360 (IOL Property)

  • ImmoAfrica

  • Property Central, and more

How does it work?

Once your email account is securely connected to Base, we will automatically import leads which will show up in your Base inbox like this:

and in your main activity timeline as a notification like this:

From here you can action leads and convert the valid ones into contacts. Important to note that leads are not automatically converted into contacts. We do this to help you maintain a clean and accurate contacts database. It provides you with the opportunity to filter our spam and only add valid entries to your contacts database.

Here is a sample lead with the contact info and message from client extracted. Base also links it to the correct listing and provides you with the Base and external property reference numbers. The address details are also extracted from Base and displayed for easy reference:

If you click on convert, Base will pre-populate all the contact info and mark the source as web. You can now qualify your lead further by tagging the contact type and categories like we've done here. In your contacts dashboard, you will be able to filter contacts with these tags.

Once you save the contact, Base automatically links the original enquiry to the contact and the listing. E.g. on the contact's calendar the entry shows like this:

You can now capture buyer requirements for this contact and run matching listing reports.


How often are leads imported?

New lead emails are imported within 2 minutes.

My lead email doesn't import?

Review the email setup guide here, where it shows how you can test your configuration.

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