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Capturing buyer requirements and running matching reports
Capturing buyer requirements and running matching reports

An overview of how to keep track of your buyer requirements in Base and running listing and buyer matching reports

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Once you've loaded a new buyer contact, you can capture detailed buyer requirements. This is useful to track the exact requirements for each buyer. It will also help you to quickly identify current & future matching listings plus when a new mandate is loaded, you can identify matching buyers.

Capture your buyer requirements

Open your buyer contact, and click on the qualify tab. Here you will see all the requirements for the buyer. You can capture multiple requirements too for cases that justify this.

Click on add requirement, to start capturing the exact property needs of your client. Multiple areas can be selected and the notes section is great for adding further details:

Running matching listings report

Once captured you are able to run the view listing matches report which will return any active listings matching any of those requirements:

Running matching buyers report

You can now also do the opposite and open a listing, and on the reports tab, run a matching clients report:

This will return a list of active matching buyers. The green icons indicate where exact requirements where met, they grey icon where requirements were not entered:

To widen your search, uncheck matching criteria in your filter (e.g. price). A red icon will highlight criteria not met. For example, here we've excluded the area:

Use tags for general classification

Now that you've captured the detailed property requirements for your buyer, you can also apply tags under the contact person settings:

This helps classify your contacts on a higher level. On your contacts page, you can easily filter on these contact types, e.g. here we looked for buyers that are investors:

As a final point on managing buyer requirements, we highly recommend converting website leads into contacts as that links the buyer enquiry to the contact. Great for reference purposes:

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