Flex listing tags

Listing tags provides a powerful way to categorize and filter properties on your Flex website

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Listing tags are displayed on individual property listings similiar to this:

Listing tags have some powerful features that can be used in creative ways:

  • You can customise them according to your requirements. Listing tags can easily be configured in Base (or send via your own external listing system if supported).

  • They highlight certain prominent features on each of your listings.

  • Visitors can click on the tags, and it would filter similiar tagged properties.

  • They can be applied to custom filters for your home page featured properties. This allows you to feature certain properties e.g. those tagged 'featured', or perhaps only those listing in tagged 'secure estate'.

  • They can be applied to banners or feature in menu links on your Flex website. E.g. you can have a couple of banners for 'Lifestyle' properties and have visitors click through to 'Retirement Living', 'Coastal Living', 'Bushveld Living', 'City Living' sections of filtered listings.

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