Listing tags can be used to categorise your listings on a broader level. See them as generic tags that can be applied to any listing. It can be useful to define lifestyle types e.g. retirement, golf estate, lifestyle farm, or specific criteria buyers would find useful e.g. fixer upper, repossessed, sea views, mountain views. Every office would want to classify listings in their own unique way, listing tags provides a simple solution.

If you'd like to group tags based on specific property features (or your listing tags would be too many), consider creating additional fields and tags.

Adding tags to listings

Open a listing, navigate to the description tab, and add tags from there. Multiple tags can be added.

Configure listing tags

  • Go to settings / customise and click and click on the listings tab.

  • This setting is only available to administrators and the tags will be visible to all users and all your listings.

  • From here you can add new tags or remove existing ones.

  • If you remove an existing tag from settings that was already added to listings, the tag will not be removed from those listings. You will still be able to see it on those listings, but once you remove it from the particular listing, you won't be able to add it back again.

Searching for listings based on listing tags

Available soon!

Matching tags with portals

Create the following listing tags if you want to match the particular feature on a portal:

Tag names


Portals supported


Retirement Village

When listings are marked with one of these tags, the listing is marked as a retirement type on the supported portals.





Property Matcher

Listings tags on your Flex website

Listing tags are pulled through to your Flex website for display on listings. You can also opt to make these tags searchable in your main property search.

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