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Customising your Flex property search
Customising your Flex property search

Learn how you can create your own unique, customised property search for your Flex real estate website

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By default, Flex offers a great property search function with plenty of filters for visitors to narrow down their specific search:

Depending on your listing portfolio and your real estate niche, you may want to tweak this for your ideal buyer or tenant. Is is here where Flex excels and offers freedom to customise your property search in plenty of ways, let's have a look at the options. The level at which you can modify the property search depends on your Flex package.

Add or remove fields

You can add or remove dropdown fields and toggle options in the search. Great if you want to offer a more minimalist search approach. The 'more options' can also be removed if required.

Move fields

Search fields can be moved around, including what is displayed in the main search view, example below:

Custom price ranges and property types

The default minimum and maximum price brackets can be updated to suit your needs:

You can also consolidate price searches into a price bracket like this:

Custom toggle options

Individual listing tags (that you configure in Base or your external listing system) can be added as a search filter via toggle switches. This provides a lot of flexibility for visitors to filter on very specific features, where all criteria is met. In the example below, buyers can search for sea view properties that are also fixer uppers:

Custom dropdown options (Flex Premium package feature)

Even more options open up if you configure custom fields with tags. This allows search options to be grouped, similiar to this:

You can even combine multiple custom fields in your search, similiar to this:

Complete custom layouts (Flex Premium package feature)

As a more advanced option that requires more configuration time from our team, the entire layout of your search can be modified according to your needs:


  • What is the cost for customising my search?

    In most cases, the work takes roughly 1-2 hours to complete. We will provide a fixed quote based on your requirements.

  • Which Flex websites support search customisation?

    Please review Flex package options here or chat with our team to check. The Standard and Premium packages offers customisation.

  • Can I customise my menu to provide shortcuts to pre-defined search results?

    Yes, simply filter your search, and once the results is displayed send us the link. We can include a shortcut in your website menu. This allows quick access to pre-defined search results for visitors. E.g. you can place a link 'apartments with sea views' in your menu, that filters on apartment types where the sea view toggle is selected.

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