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Customisation your activity tracking through diary actions
Customisation your activity tracking through diary actions

An overview of setting up diary actions that users can use to track activities on calendars

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Base provides x3 calendars for users to capture events and track activates on contacts and mandates:

Users can track events and any activities performed on these calendars. On capturing new entries, a list of diary action types are presented to choose from:

You may want to expand the list of activities that are tracked, and Base allows this customisation. Administrators can go to settings, customise and click on the diary tab:

To add a new event type, simply click on add, enter descriptive name, select a custom colour and press add. Save the diary types if you are happy. Be careful to remove event types as it will affect all users including listings and contacts.

You new activity types will be available to your users in the office and you will be able to start tracking events on this:

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