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General calendar overview

An overview of using calendar functionality in Base

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Base provides integrated calendars which allows you to capture activities and reminders across contacts and mandates. It allows you do keep a detailed journal of all activities with clients, for easy reference later.

Main calendar view

The main calendar can be accessed from the dashboard screen and provides you with an overview of all general calendar entries, and also consolidates all your events from your contact and listing mandate calendars. In the example below we can see a valuation due on 25 April including the seller contact, his draft listing link and a description.

Days containing entries are highlighted with dots and are clickable so you can see all events for that day. Click on the add button on calendars to add new events for the particular day.

You can access further calendars on Base:

Calendar access

Every user can only access and view their own calendar, except for office administrators who can view calendars for any user in their office.

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