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Configure email integration
Configure email integration

Configure your email account in Base for automatic lead imports and more

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You can safely link your email account to allow for the automatic import of website leads.

Once setup, Base will automatically import your leads from supported portals on a continuous basis. It will intelligently extract the lead data and import it into your Base inbox while also giving you a notification on the dashboard:

From here you can qualify and convert those leads into contacts. This allows you to compare lead quality between portals and streamline your leads processing operations.

How to set up your account

  • Go to your profile in Base and click on the integrations tab:

  • Click the copy icon to copy your unique forwarding email address:

  • Now set up automatic forwarding in your email client, this will vary by provider, and is a once off process:

    • On Entegral PremiumMail, log into your webmail account, click on settings, incoming email, forwarding and paste the address:

      Important: Ensure that you click the option "Save a copy of forwarded email" if not selected any new emails sent to your mailbox will not be delivered to your Inbox and will only be forwarded to the forwarding address

    • Any new leads will now start importing.

    • Ensure your Base email address and the forwarding address set up, is the same. As a security precaution, you won't be able to import leads from email accounts not associated with you.

    • To test, simply head over to one of your listings on a portal, and do a dummy enquiry. Your lead should import into Base within a few minutes on your dashboard.


How secure is this?

Only valid leads identified by our system are imported with background processes, all other emails are ignored.

How often are leads imported?

New lead emails are imported within 2 minutes.

My lead email doesn't import?

  • We don't import lead emails that are forwarded or reply emails, only the original lead email is processed.

  • Your email address in Base should match the email account where forwarding was set up.

  • Contact our helpdesk if you still see leads not being imported.

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