What is Flex Dynamic Ads?

A platform to automate paid property listing ads on social media (Facebook and Instagram currently supported).

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  • Can Flex Dynamic Ads work with any website?

    No, there are integrations done in your website, so it is only supported on our Flex websites.

  • Can I choose which listings are advertised?

    Yes, if you use Base, you choose Flex Ads, similar to how you choose other portals and control which listings are advertised. Listings will then be marketed within 24 hours. You can also control which users have access to push listings to Flex Ads.

  • Can I add further limits to which listings are used in the carousel ads?

    Our team can add further restrictions on price ranges (e.g. price limit) and area restrictions in your carousel ads. Facebook will determine which ads will work best for consumers based on algorithms and tracking metrics, so the listings displayed are dynamic.

  • What photos and details are used on my Flex listing ads?

    The system will use the first few photos captured on your listings as well as property features e.g. bedrooms and description captured by you. The ads are created dynamically using these details, so cannot be changed manually.

  • Why is it optimal to drive online campaigns to my website?

    Flex Ads point to your agency website, ensuring you invest in your own business and not some 3rd party platform. As a result you also build better trust while your visitors are free to explore other listings or the rest of your services. We use this data intelligently to retarget your audience.

  • I can set up my own promoted posts, why is Flex Ads different?

    Flex Ads automates the whole process and delivers ads to a highly targeted audience that is continuously optimised for the best results. We automatically create and update listing ads without you having to do anything. The platform will also find and target the most appropriate consumers with relevant property listings.

  • I don't see my ads running?

    Unless you are part of the targeted audience, you won't see your ads. Our team will send samples of your ads as soon as they are ready to go live.

  • Will I receive monthly reports?

    Yes, a monthly report is sent detailing the Flex Ads performance. You can also go into your Facebook Ads manage to view real time results.

  • Can I see who visited my website?

    Detailed visitor info from Facebook is kept confidential. You will be able to see visit stats in your monthly report or in the Facebook Ads Manager.

  • How long does it take to set up Flex Ads?

    We generally do the setup and get your ads running within a week.

  • How do I receive leads?

    Because Flex Ads link to your Flex website, leads will come through the standard enquiry forms, but you will notice an additional campaign field 'Flex Ads'.

  • How do I control my budget?

    You can set your budget or ask Entegral to modify your budget.

  • Who owns my Facebook and Instagram social media audiences?

    You have full ownership of your Flex Ads audience. as a result, all your ad budget is spent growing your audience. Your audience is not shared with any 3rd parties.

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