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How can I improve the SEO on my Flex website?
How can I improve the SEO on my Flex website?

A guide on your Flex website SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

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By default, all developed Flex websites follow SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) best practices to improve your natural ranking when someone searches for property or real estate services in your area via a search engine like Google.

We continuously apply updates based on our 18+ years of research, best practices, and recommendations. Through the Flex platform, we can apply updates to all clients saving you as the client on costs.

Over 200 ranking factors

Search engine algorithms continue to evolve over time and with Google having over 200 ranking factors for your site, it would be foolish to only point out and focus on a few items. There are off-page (e.g. backlinks from other sites), on-page (your content and keywords), and technical (site speed and usability) ranking factors. There isn't one single ranking factor that will make or break your SEO. Rather, it is a combination of efforts that work together that results in a good overall ranking.

Google also uses a machine learning technology called RankBrain to help deliver its search results. Search engines are getting smarter in finding and ranking the best sites for consumers.

We do the technical work, you do the content

There is an increased focus from search engines on site usability, speed, and quality content that is useful and easy to navigate for visitors. Our team's responsibility is to ensure we focus on the enhancement of the overall Flex platform, including addressing any technical SEO issues. This is an ongoing process via the use of specialised tools and monitoring websites. The SEO goalposts are constantly moving which means there is always room for improvement, but this requires thorough research, planning, and testing.

Industry best Google PageSpeed Insights ranking

As an example, we use Google Pagespeed Insights to optimise real estate websites, achieving near-perfect scores for out-of-the-box Flex websites:

Industry best technical SEO optimisation

Flex websites also achieve industry-best "out-of-the-box " technical SEO audits from popular tools like SEMRush, ranging between 90-100%, and rank in the top 10% of all websites worldwide.

While we handle the technical aspects, clients are responsible for the content. For example, quality listings and photos, regular news updates, articles about the area, detailed 'About Us' sections describing your business, agent profiles, and consumer real estate guides can significantly influence whether you rank on page #1 or #2 of a search engine for specific searches. Follow our blog to stay up to date with new features and tips.

Can I get external companies to help with my website SEO?

Because our Flex websites achieve industry-best audits, there is little reason to get external companies involved to look at the technical side of things. If you do want to spend money on SEO, focus on your content.

Our dedicated Flex team has a clear roadmap for incremental improvements, so you can rest assured that you are in capable hands.

Since Flex websites are template-based, we make improvements for all clients, rather than just one at a time. Any technical SEO work we do is therefore applied to all clients.

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