Base allows you to load property listings once and update them automatically to property portals and your own Flex office of personal website. Users can control updates to individual portals for each listing by simply selecting a checkbox:

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Portal status indicators

Every listing has individual status indicators for each portal. Once a listing is loaded it will go into in process status. Any problems are returned back as error status, and once it is live on the portal, it will return active status. If you update any details on a listing, it is reprocessed and the indicators on portals will go into process again.

Not enabled or selected

User hasn't select the portal or the option was removed by the administrator


The listing is active. Hover your mouse over the indicator to get the time it was activated.


There was an error processing your listings on either the portal or Base side. Hover your mouse over the error for an explanation.

In process

The system is in the queue for processing or awaiting status update from the portal

The listing syndication page gives a consolidated overview of all syndication statuses:

Handling syndication errors

You can review the error by hovering your mouse over the error indicator. If the error is not self explanatory you can open a live chat to our helpdesk to help resolve. Our team also reviews errors and in the back to help resolve them.

Should there by any general interface problem with portals your listings remain in the queue and will be processed as soon as the problem has been corrected. There is therefor no need to resave listings.

Portal reference numbers

Where portal support it, we link the external reference number for the listing to your listing in Base as can be seen here. Base also provides a direct hyperlink to your listing on the portal, where supported:

For Flex powered websites built by Entegral, a link to your listing is also provided:

Portals supported

A wide range of portals are supported, the full list including update times and whether they are free or paid can be found here.

  • Only account administrators can request portals to be enabled or disabled.

  • Administrators can review portals activated on their account, and access further settings through settings/integration.

  • Property types and photo limits per portal:

Portal update frequency

  • Once a listing is loaded, it goes into a processing queue to update to the portals, with your oldest listing being processed first.

  • All portals are processed simultaneously. Due to the processing differences between portals, you will see some portals updating instantly (within a few minutes) to the slowest updating within 24 hours (they usually process listings only once a day).

Removal of listings from portals

  • Once a listing is made inactive (expired, withdrawn etc) the system will automatically remove the listing from the portal.

  • If a listing is made sold (pending or final), portals that support sold status listings will show it for a period of time while other will remove them:

    • Property24: will keep sold listings on for 7 days

    • Private Property: will keep sold listings on for 30 days

    • Flex: will keep sold listing indefinitely

    • Other portals: Sold listings are removed

  • This process can take up to 24 hours, due to the different processing frequencies from portals.

Administrator portal configurations

Administrators can set whether a specific portal is available to all their users, whether a portal is selected by default on new listings, and whether users have the option to select or deselect portal checkboxes:

Administrators can further configure individual user access to portals if required.

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