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How to add a new property listing
How to add a new property listing

Learn how to add a new property listing with these easy steps

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Click on new listing from anywhere in Base or from the listings screen, click on add listing:

You will be taken through a 7 step wizard to capture all details:

  • Location

  • Property features

  • Description and additional fields

  • Photos and other media including virtual tours, videos and files

  • Mandate details

  • Contacts

  • Feed for Portals Syndication

Once captured you can print brochures and edit the listing if required.


  • Select the location of the property. You can pinpoint the property by using the Map by entering the address or use the exact location if you are physically at the property location by selecting "use my location." If needed, drag the marker to the correct position on the map.

  • Alternatively, enter the area or suburb in which the property is located / Base will recognize the area and give you a dropdown selection to choose from, choose the correct area or suburb - e.g start to type "Centurion" and it will show a selection of areas with this keyword.

  • Fill out all fields e.g street number/unit number and Complex names (these fields need to be unique per listing if you feed to external portals or else it will be seen as duplicates.

  • Tick the Make location available on website, to send the exact map location including address through to your own website and external portals.

  • Should this be an external listing from another agency (useful for deal tracking), select the external listing checkbox and add the link to the website listing for your own reference.

  • Click on next

Property Features

The next few slides will be capturing features such as the type of property, ownership, floor sizes, and other details of the property, including listing photos.

  • Select the classification, ownership, and type of property from the dropdown options.

  • Select land size, floor size, rates, taxes, and levies.

  • If the listing is a new development ensure you select it as this links to a banner on Property24

  • To add the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, click on the icon next to "Rooms" - add the value for each room in the pop-up screen, click on save.

  • Add external detail like the roof type, wall type, and garages by clicking on the icon next to "External", save your selections

Description and additional fields

  • Give the description a headline and add the full description of the property - proofread and make sure you have highlighted all the important features that sellers might love about the property.

  • If the property has any items included, click on the "items included" tab to add items like "aircon, irrigation system, and alarm system" - note that this is not sent to external portals

  • Click on the Extra tab to add descriptions and tags to fields e.g. BIC or walk-in closet etc.

  • Click on the "items excluded" tab to add items that will not sell with the property or that the property does not have i.e satellite dish (this is not sent to external portals)

  • Click on the "defects" tab to mention any defects that the listing might have

Photos and other media

Upload the best quality photos you have, Base will automatically resize your photos.

  • Click on add photos

  • Select the images in the folder that you wish to upload and click on open (hint: hold your ctrl and A key on your keyboard to select all the images that you want to upload and then click on open, they will all upload at once, instead of you having to upload one by one)

  • Please note that depending on the speed of your internet connection, the final upload time of the listing can vary depending on the number of photos you've selected.

  • Under each image you will have the option to add a description to the image, rotate the image, or delete the image

Mandate details

  • Enter the start listing price. Any updates you do the price later will be recorded in the listing audit trail, and may also trigger a 'price reduction' status on some portals.

  • The mandate end date needs to be adjusted to your contract. You will receive a notification prior to your mandate about to expire while Base will also automatically expire listings that reached their mandate end date. This will trigger a listing removal from all portals.

  • The commission tab details are not sent to any portals and kept private in Base. You can enter either a percentage commission or fixed amount with the toggle switch:

  • You can upload your mandate documents in the documents tab. The files are stored on the specific mandate and not shared outside of Base. These files are also kept once you mark a listing inactive/sold.


  • Either add a new contact by clicking on "add new contact" or search from your contact database already created by entering the name in the open field to find the correct contact

  • You can also add multiple agents to a listing (for teams)


  • Select the portals on which you would like to advertise your property listings by ticking the tick box next to each portal name.

  • Click on save and activate your listing.

  • Your listing will now be sent to all the selected portals. The update time varies per portal and and problems will be record on the property feeds tab.


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