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Using the Base Virtual Assistant
Using the Base Virtual Assistant

Use the Base virtual assistant and work more efficiently

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What is the Base Virtual Assistant?

It is your very own virtual assistant that aims to help you with common real estate related tasks and work more efficiently. We've launched with some listing related tasks and hope to expand this in the future.

Because it uses the latest in machine learning technology (AI), and with tweaks from our team, the assistant is constantly learning and improving itself to provide you with better results. This is a beta release, which means we will do a lot of tweaks based on how the tool is used and the output it provides. If you find any issues or suggestions let us know in the Base chat.

What can I do with the Base Virtual Assistant?

  • Do a grammar check on a listing description and make corrections.

  • Take your listing description and ask to rewrite a better version of it.

  • Write a completely new listing ad based on the keywords you supply.

  • Generate a tweet with hashtags based on your listing description.

  • Write a summary social media post (e.g. Facebook) using your listing description.

  • Create a headline catchphrase for your listing ad.

Our team is working on even more creative tasks to be introduced while you can suggest yours too.

How do I start using it?

Look for the Virtual Assistant link in Base, you will see below the property description and soon in other places. Simply click on it and choose the task to be performed.

How do I generate a new listing ad based on keywords?

In your Base description, simply jot down property features that stand out. E.g.

Architectural designed.
4 bedroom home. 3 bathrooms.
Spectacular sea and mountain views.
Large entertainment areas and swimming pool
Double volume entrance. Beautiful staircase leading to bedrooms.
Gourmet kitchen, newly renovated.
24hr manned estate.
Close to Vergelegen Shopping Mall and walking distance to medical centre.

Click on the Virtual Assistant and pick the Write a new listing ad task. The assistant will then write a new ad for you similar to this. Choose replace description and edit further.

This stunning 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home is an architectural masterpiece.
Enjoy spectacular sea and mountain views from the large entertainment areas and swimming pool.
The double volume entrance and beautiful staircase leading to the bedrooms add to the grandeur of this home.

The newly renovated gourmet kitchen is perfect for entertaining.
The 24hr manned estate provides peace of mind and the home is conveniently located close to Vergelegen Shopping Mall and walking distance to the medical centre.
Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!


Is it OK to use AI generated content for my listings?

Google says that appropriate use of AI or automation is not against their guidelines. This means that it is not used to generate content primarily to manipulate search rankings, which is against their spam policies. More info here.

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