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Selecting your featured properties with Flex
Selecting your featured properties with Flex

How to select and set your featured properties on your Flex real estate website home page.

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On all the various Flex website options offered by us, you have the ability to select the properties which you'd like to feature on the home page.

By default, if you do not manually select and configure your featured properties, those listed as the latest properties in Base will be the ones featured on your home pages' "Featured Properties" section.

Flex Bold and Elegant Theme

If you would like to select your own set of featured listings you can do so by following these steps:

You will need to have Office Administrator access to create the tag but all agents will

have access to select which properties they would like to feature.

Your listing will now feature on the home page and also have the featured tag on the individual details page.

Select up to 5 listings if you make use of the Starter Theme.

Select up to 9 listings if you make use of the Elegant, Bold, or Elevate Theme.

Selecting your property listings on your Flex Real Estate Website can only be done if you have a linked Base account.

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