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Listing view reports
Listing view reports

More about listing views in Base

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The listings view functionality, extracts and consolidates the total daily views on your active listing mandates for supported portals and your own website. Individual listing views are available on your mandates under reports, and will display similar to the following:

A summary report that consolidates listing views across all your active listings are also available under listings/reports. Listing views are available from the data when the feature was activated for your office. Statistics are updated daily, so will always be one day behind.

Portals supported

  • Property24 South Africa and Namibia

  • MyProperty South Africa and Namibia

  • Private Property South Africa

  • Property Central South Africa

  • Your own Flex website (any country)

  • Your external website is built through the Base API (based on certain requirements)

  • We can support any other portal if they can make your listing view stats available to us.

Sign up process

  • Once-off setup fees are applicable, with no additional monthly fees.

  • For Flex, we require you to add to your Google Analytics account. Should you not have a Google Analytics account, one can be set up for you.

  • Please allow 2 business days for activation (depending on demand).

  • Historic listing views are not imported, only views from the date of activation are available.

  • Please complete this form to get access to listing view statistics and to view setup prices (to be completed by the owner).

Open interface to extract to external systems

We've also enabled an API for retrieving listing view statistics programmatically. If you are using our Sync listing syndication API platform (or if you are an existing Base client that would like to retrieve listing stats to an external system), you can request access via our Helpdesk. A small monthly fee is applicable.


How do portals calculate their listing views?

Each portal uses its own tracking tools and we have no insights or control on whether only unique views are calculated, or if they filter out bots.

How can I integrate my WordPress website listing view stats into Base?

  1. Install Google Analytics and provide read access to

  2. Ensure a listing URL structure where the Base property reference number appears in a consistent location e.g. /property/for-sale/sandton-house-189812

  3. Once this is complete, supply to the Entegral website who will review and quote for integration.


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