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Importing your data from external service providers
Importing your data from external service providers

Switching to Entegral? Understand what we can import, the process we follow and common issues

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When switching to Entegral, we can transfer your real estate data from your existing service provider to ensure no recapturing needs to take place.

From where and what can we import?

  • Data can be imported from one source, either a portal (such as Property24) or your existing service provider (if supported). When data is imported from a portal, only active listing stock is provided. When data is imported from a service provider, inactive listing stock are supplied too. You need to decide whether you require all your inactive stock to be imported too (take note that this lengthens the import time).

  • Listing data including photos, mandate details and associated seller or tenant details.

  • Contacts including buyers, sellers, tenants with contact details.

  • We do not import newsletter subscribers, property alerts or other subscription info, unless specifically requested and approved by us.

Steps in transferring your data

  • Portal or service provider need to be notified that you require all your exported data. Check with Entegral on whether we supporting importing of data from the particular provider first.

  • We will quote depending on the number of listings to be imported.

  • Once approved we will schedule the transfer of your listings. The exact timeframe of transfer will largely depend on the number of listings to be imported, and can be done in as little as a day for most offices.

  • Once import is complete, we will request you to spot check and verify that you are happy with your transfer. You will need to set time aside for this step and make sure you are happy with your data before going live.

How do you handle existing portal listings?

  • For Property24 and Private Property, we connect your existing listings to what is on the portal, so listing data is not removed. As soon as you update a listing, it will update the relevant listings.

  • For all other portals, a bulk remove and resync of your current data is done.

Common issues you may encounter

  • In Base, listings are automatically expired and removed from portals once the mandate expiry date has been reached. On import these listings will be expired within 24hrs. Your previous system may not have auto expired listings for you and you may see listings 'disappearing' which are just in expired state. In Base you can easily pull a report on listings about to expire.

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