How to create a new scene

Learn how to create a new scene from a virtual tour

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  • When you create a new tour or select an existing tour, this step allows you to create scenes. Scenes display 360 interactive photos with hotspots.

  • Click on new scene to create a new scene.

  • Add a description for the scene, e.g. 'Kitchen'. This name will be displayed to visitors in a dropdown on the tour and on hotspots you create.

  • Select your 360 photos to upload, this can be either JPG or PNG photos.

  • There is a 25MB upload limit per photo, which should be sufficient for most 360 cameras.

  • Click on create, this will upload your photo and now allow you to create hotspots or add more scenes.

  • If you have other scenes to add, click on back and upload more scenes.


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