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Creating hotspots on a scene
Creating hotspots on a scene

Learn how to create clickable hotspots within your tours

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Hotspots are clickable navigation icons you can place within tours to allow visitors to jump between various scenes or rooms, and shown in the example below:

You can add as many hotspots per scene as required. The idea is to link to rooms or areas that would be visible to the visitor in that particular scene. E.g. in the above example, we are in the living room with the front door and kitchen areas visible.

  • Open an existing scene. This will also show any hotspots you've already created. From here you can also jump between scenes via the hyperlink icon or remove the scene icon and link:

  • To create a new hotspot link, simply locate the point in the view and double-click your mouse on the spot where you want the hyperlink icon to display.

  • A popup window will allow you to choose which scene that icon should link to when visitors click on it:

  • The navigation icon will now appear in your scene and if you hover your mouse over it, the scene description:

  • You can now create more hotspot icons or jump to different scenes to connect them.

  • Use the capture initial view button to capture the initial view visitors will see when they navigate to a scene. E.g. you don't want visitors to look into a wall when they jump to a room.


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