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Resolving common listing syndication errors
Resolving common listing syndication errors

How to handle common property listing syndication errors in Base

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Under your listing feeds section, a red triangle indicates an error occurred updating that particular listing to the portal. Hover your mouse over the error to get a description:

Common errors and what to do

Review the following solutions to errors. If the error is not self explanatory please contact our team to assist further.

Private Property

  • Awaiting moderation from Private Property: The listing needs to be manually moderated by Private Property, which may take a few hours. The status will automatically update as soon as they've verified it.


  • The listing is blocked: Property24 will notify you of the reason but you can also email to check with them.

  • Failed to validate agent, invalid last name value for agent: Special characters are not permitted in the name, e.g. brackets ()

  • Invalid Property24 Suburb, A request has been logged with the support team to correctly map the suburb: Sometimes an area doesn't match up with the portal. The system automatically reports these errors to our team who will do the matching and resubmit these listings for you ASAP (depending on our workload). We do mismatch corrections daily so there is no need to contact us on this as it will resolve itself automatically.

  • Agent contact details required: Check that your cell number is valid. Only one cell number without special characters is allowed. E.g. 0820001111.

  • Expiry date must be in the future: Please open the property mandate and check that the expiry date on your property mandate is in the future and not already expired.

A note on pending listings

An orange icon indicates the listing is in process and will update shortly (some portals can take up to 24 hours)

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