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Can I build custom property brochures?
Can I build custom property brochures?

Although Base provides a selection of template brochures, you can also develop your own

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Base provides a selection of standard brochures on listings:

Many agencies require more customised brochures that can be generated in a similar fashion. Entegral can quote on custom brochures and when completed, these brochures will be available on your listing reports section.

  • You are welcome to send us a design or sketch of how your brochure should look. We will then quote for the work while our design team can finalise the design for your approval. You can also download one of the existing brochures as starting point and make amendments.

  • Cost will vary depending on the complexity of the brochure, but most brochures can be built within a day. Work needs to be scheduled so the exact delivery date will be communicated to you.

  • Most fields available on listings can also be displayed on brochures.

  • Brochures can be built any size, including A4, A3 or A5.

  • Brochures can be single or multiple page to contain more info.

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