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How to create extra description fields with custom listing tags
How to create extra description fields with custom listing tags

A guide on how to create custom description fields, each with their own set of tags

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Before we take a look at how to add extra description fields and custom listing tags it is important to note that only office administrators can create additional fields in Base.

  • Log onto Base and navigate to your settings icon, click it, and select customize and then listings.

  • Click on the + symbol and add your desired description field e.g. Kitchen, Garden etc.

  • These description fields are then made available on the listing description tab for all agents

You can also configure custom tags per description field which will allow you to further refine the capturing with some set options.

To create a field:

  • Click on it and

  • configure the available tags that will be displayed to your users, e.g. here we've configured our own farm types, as we are specializing in farms and want to categories our listings even further:

In the sample below, we've configured security features:

Here we specialize in new developments, and would like to classify listings per phase and views:

Mandate capture & selecting tags

Once you added the tags they will be available to all your users on the listing capture form / extra tab.

Users can simply click on 'add tags' under "extras" on the description field, a popup will display with your configured tags. Here we are defining our development as a 'Phase 1, Mountain View' listing:

You can now integrate these tags into your Flex real estate website to make highly configurable searches. Available on Flex website (Premium packages)

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