Custom tags can be created in Base to add to your news articles. By creating your own tags, you add keywords or terms to your newly published content and improve the chances of your content showing up among the results in browsers.

Important: Only users in Base that have Office Administrator access or higher will be able to add custom tags to your Base account.

To add custom tags:

  • log on to your Base account with your username and password,

  • Click on the Settings icon - top right-hand corner of your dashboard screen.

  • Click on the "Customise" icon.

  • Various tabs with options for customisation will now open. Click on the "Content" tab.

  • You will now be able to add various categories and tags to your Office News.

  • Simply click on the edit icon, add your tag or category, select a colour to go with your tag and save your changes.

You will now be able to select your tags and categories when you write your next news article.

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