Audit trails overview

Base keeps detailed audit trail reports of your real estate data

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Base tracks everything to keep your business safe. See who logged in, who updated what, when and by how much.

General audit trail

Go to settings, audit trail, to view your personal audit trail or, if you are an administrator, the general audit trail for your office. The audit trail gives you detailed insights into updates that took place across the system, including logins from users.

Property and contact audit trails

Base keeps a detailed history of changes on listings and contacts. When you have the listing or contact open, click on the history link on the bottom left to get a report of changes done:

Sample contact audit trail

Here we can see tags, contact details and other fields updated by a user. Base logs the user, time of change plus before and after values from fields:

Sample listing audit trail

A detailed listing history is critical for reporting purposes and promoting more transparency between you and your clients. Price changes and other updates on listings are record on the listing audit trail. Here we can see field changes and a price change done by a user:

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