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How to list a property on auction with date and venue
How to list a property on auction with date and venue

A guide on how to add an auction property with auction date and venue

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Capturing a listing as auction

  • Start off by listing your property with a "for sale" status in Base

  • Once the listing is captured, open it to capture an auction date

  • Click on the "Diary" item on the right-hand side of the mandate screen

  • Select the correct date on the calendar and click on "Add"

  • Select "Auction"

  • Set the auction date and time plus the venue or description which is optional

  • Save the changes

Base will push any for sale listings marked for auction through as auctions to external portals and your Flex powered website. You can add multiple Auction dates to the listing should you wish to do so.

Auction display on your Flex website

If you have a Flex powered website, the listing will be available under an auction menu and searches, flagged as 'auction'. On the detailed listing a countdown timer with the auction date and additional comments you've entered will be displayed:

Adding additional auction documents or info

If you'd like to add additional documents or links to your auction and make it available on your Flex website, you can do so by click on the media tab. There you can add files that will be made available as for public download on the specific listing.

You can for instance upload bidders packs or link to an external Google Form or page for buyers to register. If you have a Flex Premium subscription, a custom form can also be built for you to capture detailed information and even facilitate payment processing via credit card before or after the form capture. These forms are sent through to your office email address and can include uploaded documents.

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