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How to create Base API keys
How to create Base API keys

A guide on the Base API, how to create keys and give developers access to your data

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The Base API provides 3rd party developer access to your Base data. It allows developers and external apps to retrieve or send data to Base. You can create multiple keys for different developers or apps. Each Base API Key is unique and you can remove it at any time to block access to your data.

Controlling access to data

Each key you generated is associated with a user. Full access to data is provided under administrator accounts, while standard accounts will only access the same data that user can see through Base.

⚠ Please take into account the following information that is exposed and make sure that you trust your 3rd party developer or app with your data:

  • Listing details including address, price and features

  • Incoming leads and contacts with contact details

For this reason, we have a 'restrict to public listing data' checkbox. If you are creating a key where only public available data should be exposed, use this option.

How to generate a Base API Key

  • Click on settings and then on integrations

  • Click on the 3rd party integrations tab

  • Enter the application name, this can be anything descriptive to help you identify which app has access

  • Choose the user profile under 'Primary API User'. The API will extract info through this user profile and will be able to see all listing, contact and other data that is visible to this user through Base (alternatively check the 'Restrict to public listing data' option)

  • Click create

  • Copy the API Key and send it to your developer with a link to this article

Base API reference for developers

Developers can access the Base REST API here:

API Throttling

Requests to the API are throttled to 15 calls per minute as a default. Calls exceeding this limit will be blocked.

Testing the Base API

We recommend an app like Postman to test the Base API key, to see if you can retrieve data.

Developer support

Connect with our team on the live chat on for assistance or email

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