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Using the office notice board
Using the office notice board

See how the notice board simplifies company announcements

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The notice board can be used in creative ways to update your office with announcements, sales stats, quotes, or anything else that you want your users to see when they log into Base.

Office administrators can update this easily (via the edit link or through the library). Once updated, it will display for ⏱ 24 hrs as the default screen when user log in to Base.

You can be really creative and insert tables, web links and even embed Youtube videos or images as shown below:

No history is kept of notice board changes, so treat it like a whiteboard 😁

How to insert a Youtube video

To insert a video, click on insert / media:

Now copy your Youtube link (e.g. into the source like this and press OK:

Your video is inserted and you can continue editing. Remember to save once you are done, and the notice board will show for users the next time they log in.

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