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Integration of Base with Wordpress or other website platforms
Integration of Base with Wordpress or other website platforms

Like to run a Wordpress real estate website but integrate with Entegral's Sync or Base systems? Here is how.

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Although our Flex platform is highly configurable, we also offer a Base interface (API) that provide integrations, allowing you to build your own website on the platform of your choice (e.g. Wordpress). To do this you would need a skilled developer and would need to manage this whole process yourself.

One of the most popular platforms is Wordpress. Since our products can work independent, you can use Base as your listing, contact and document management tool, and use it to syndicate your listings to all the popular property portals and your own website.

How to integrate Base with external website platforms

To integrate Base with your Wordpress website, you would use the Base API. More technical info and specification can be found here:

For this you would need to appoint your own Wordpress developer and he would need to be comfortable using the REST API as web service. You can point your developer to the Base API specification available on

As agency owner, you would supply your developer with a Base API Key. This can be generated in Base and you can revoke it at any time if you want to terminate access to this external platform or developer. The interface allows the developer to interact with your Base data, including extracting all your listing data. Be sure that there is a formal agreement in place as you would potentially expose seller data depending on the access level you provide.

It would be your, and the developers responsibility to ensure that you retrieve and store listing data safely and correctly in Wordpress. You also need to ensure that you download and store photos as we do not support free hotlinking of images from the Base platform.

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