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How to add an article to your Airtable Base
How to add an article to your Airtable Base

We take a look at how to add an article to your Airtable in a few easy steps

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Airtable is a fantastic tool for effortlessly managing your website's content.

Our team will customize your Airtable Base to meet your specific requirements, and then send you an invitation to manage your content. After accepting the invitation, you'll be able to add or remove news pieces from your website as necessary.

To help you structure your own posts in the future, we'll upload a sample news piece to your Airtable.

Step 1

Open your Airtable. There will be two tabs - News and News Categories.

We will set up the tabs with the information that you have provided.

If you need to add a new category, you can open the categories tab and add the new category. Keeping with the structure of your current categories.

Step 2

Open your News tab. Here you will find columns:

  • category - these are the same as the categories in the news-categories name column

  • author - here you can fill in either the agency name or someone specific

  • title - this is the title of your article

  • body - this is the actual article

  • photo

  • URL - this is the link to your article

  • category URL - this is the link to the category the article belongs to. This will look the same as the category URL in the categories tab.

Step 3

Start by filling out the information in the corresponding columns.

For example, the content information will be added as below:

First the category, then the author, the title of the article, the body of the article, and then the photo.

The URL structure will look like this

To create the URL you start with news/ then you add the category. So for example news/market-news and then the tile news/market-news/prime-lending-rate-where-to-from-here.

Tip: the URL is basically the map to your article, so use the title of your article and just add a hyphen between each word. Don't capitalize your words e.g news/market-news/Prime-Lending-Rate-Where-To-From-Here

Your article will automatically be published on your website once you have given it a URL and category URL so make sure everything has been added correctly.

Things to keep in mind

If you are pasting information from another document into the body column of your Airtable please use CTRL+ALT+V to clear any formatting from the previous document. You can add formatting to your body using Airtable's tools.

Use high-resolution images to ensure the image looks good on any size screen

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