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Sync API - portal fields support
Sync API - portal fields support

Learn how we evaluate portal field support

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The Sync Platform provides listing syndication for listing management systems via the Sync API. It allows systems to publish listings in one generic data format defined by us, which we then adapt to work with every individual portal's interface specification. Before implementing the Sync API into your listing system, you need to familiarise yourself with the fields supported.

Each portal interface that we feed to will have its own set of fields it supports, the number of photos, its error response, update time and more. There are a lot of similar fields shared between portals (think of address, price, bedrooms, land size, photos, etc) but portals also have their unique fields that are not shared between portals.

To make any updates to fields supported requires thorough research and planning and we strive to find a middle ground between increasing the complexity of the Sync API interface and keeping support and costs to a minimum. We also factor in:

  • The stability and performance of the Sync API platform take preference above anything else. Sync has achieved 100% uptime since 2016 and can scale with user demand;

  • We factor in continuous updates done by portals on their interfaces which requires development time & support from our team;

  • Any updates we do will impact the various integrated listing management systems;

  • Fields confirmed by high-traffic portals that provide better overall listing ranking take priority in our research & development;

  • 150 photos limit imposed by Entegral - Each portal interface has its own supported photo limit.

  • We also factor in field support for real estate website platforms like Flex;

  • We evaluate the support of a particular field with all portals - e.g. if there is a unique field on only one portal that is not supported on others, we are unlikely to add it unless there is a very good use case that can benefit all users;

To request a new field, you can email our helpdesk with a motivation. This goes into a user-requested feature database which is reviewed for future product rollouts. With the number of listing updates going through daily, field updates can unfortunately not be made on the fly as it goes against the way we operate the business and manage the products.

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