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Why do you need to manage my domain name for my Flex website?
Why do you need to manage my domain name for my Flex website?

Find out why it is best for Entegral to host your virtual address on the web

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Flex is a unique real estate platform that offers an unparalleled 100% uptime and unlimited scaling benefits (i.e. if you suddenly receive an influx of visitors on your website, it will operate as normal).

In order to achieve this we use state of the art technology that replicates your website to over 100 locations world wide in the cloud. It ensures the fastest access time for visitors while also providing failover protection. On top of this we ensure your website is protected via SSL security (the HTTPS you see in front of your website address) as standard.

In order to make all of this work we need to host your domain (e.g. and configure it in a specific way to work with the Flex platform. Your monthly fee covers this and ensures peace of mind for your business.

Additional benefits

  • Entegral is an accredited domain registrar managing thousands of domains for real estate clients.

  • We ensure you remain the registered, legal owner of your domain, while we are appointed as the technical administrators.

  • We ensure your yearly fees are paid on time to the domain authorities (included in the monthly fee).

  • Your domain is hosted on our state of the art cloud-based worldwide anycast DNS network. It ensures the fastest access times to your website from anywhere in the world with multiple DNS failover points. It also automatically scales with large traffic volumes. If your domain is unreachable, your website is unreachable. The cost for this premium service is included in your monthly domain fees.

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