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Getting started with the Sync API development
Getting started with the Sync API development

Looking to integrate the Sync listing syndication API into your environment?

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Timeframe for development & testing

  • The initial timeframe for the integration of the Sync API into your platform will vary depending on your developer skillset and the ease of which a REST API interface can be integrated with your platform. Some clients have integrated in as little as a few weeks.

  • You may expose basic or more complex Sync functionality to your users in your backend (e.g. let them select individual portals or default to update all portals) which will further impact your development timeframe, and this has to be factored in.

  • If you are migrating from another service provider you need to factor in the data take-on into your system and the requirement from some portals to send the original portal ID with any future updates.

Initial development

  • Entegral provides 4 weeks of initial developer support via email and live chat, within our standard business hours. This includes a total of 2 Google Meet live video chat sessions if required with our DevOps team. Any support required after this (to assist with the initial development) is charged at an additional fee as stipulated in the sign-on contract.

  • Entegral will provide developer REST API documentation and assist with developer questions. We do not supply language specific sample code and cannot provide help on coding issues. Our scope of support is limited to the Sync REST API interface and providing general guidance.

  • Clients will need to ensure that they sign contracts with the respective paid portals before going live. In these cases portals will provide credentials which can be updated via the Sync API.

  • Further help in getting started and portal specific requirements, will be supplied with your onboarding email.

Ongoing support & feature requests

  • We endeavour to respond to support queries within 1 business day.

  • All general ongoing support (once your system is live) is provided free of charge and is conducted via email or live chat.

  • Any feature requests related to the Sync API including specific features supported by individual portals, can be suggested to our team, but no custom development work is done for individual clients.

  • The Sync API is used by various management systems, and has auto-scaling and failover built in to ensure listing and agent updates happen as smoothly as possible. Our team monitors all systems and are notified of issues via various automated internal health checks.


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