If you use Outlook and your setup on the POP protocol it's worth backing up your emails regularly.

Here's how to do it

Have a memory stick or external hard drive handy and plugged into your computer.

  • Open Outlook and locate the PST file first

  • Click on tools, then Account Settings/ Email Accounts (On older versions of Outlook)

  • Select File, then Account Settings (More recent versions of Outlook)

  • Select Data Files

  • Make a note of where the data file is located, in the example image above (and your's will be located somewhere else) it's located in the C drive on the computer under the Users Folder\LeoN\Documents\Outlook

  • Close the Outlook when you have established the PST's location

  • Follow the path to the PST from your file explorer

  • Once you reach the correct folder simply right-click the PST file > select COPY> then navigate to the external drive and PASTE the file on the external storage unit

  • It could take some time to copy depending on the PST file size, do not interrupt the process

  • Once completed; store the external somewhere safe and use it should something happen to your PC or Outlook program

Remember: Regular backups are good practice and could be what saves you when disaster strikes

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