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What to do when your mailbox has been compromised
What to do when your mailbox has been compromised

What to do if your mailbox has been compromised and malware tools you can use

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What do I do If my mailbox has been compromised?

Mailboxes (email accounts) are encrypted on our servers. However, unauthorized people or applications can still take control of your email account by means of spyware or simply guessing a weak password.

If, for example, your password has been set to “admin456” or “enquiries123”, this is very easy for a spammer to guess and the chances are good that your mailbox will be compromised at some point.

We recommend taking the following actions

  • run a malware check on any machine the mailbox is set up on

  • installing an anti-virus program if one is not installed

  • modify password that in no way resembles the previous password. it is suggested that you use a password, that is at least 8 characters in length and contains upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters

Here are free Malware tools you can use to scan your PC before using your email account again / inserting the new password on your email client.

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