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How to conduct a live guided tour
How to conduct a live guided tour

Find out more about live guided tours and how to conduct a tour

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What is a live guided virtual tour?

Our live guided tours feature allows you to take clients on a live, shared virtual tour with video and voice-enabled.

It allows you to do a video call inside your virtual tour with your current view replicated to guests. You can pan around a room, click through to different scenes, or zoom in or out of features - everything is replicated to your clients in real-time.

  • You can conduct a live guided tour with up to 5 guests. Everyone will be able to see and hear each other and follow you around as you show the home. Their tour view is synchronized with what you see.

  • Rather than paying per tour, we use live virtual tour time that can be purchased and is deducted when you conduct live guided viewings.

  • It is not screen sharing, everyone experiences the same high-quality virtual tour and can even navigate on their own if they want to.

  • No special software is required for you or your clients, it works through a simple web browser link.

  • A little chat window further enhances the experience and allows everyone to chat via text.

  • With peer-to-peer encryption enabled by default, the full guided tour including voice and video is highly secure.

  • Our guided tours are hosted on our cloud platform, allowing you to easily conduct tours with any client, no matter where they are in the world

Guidelines to use

  • Open one of your tours and click on the guided virtual tour link:

  • A popup will display that allows you to copy a guest link you can send to your client. You will use your own link as the tour guide. Once you are ready to conduct a guided tour, simply click on 'start guided tour' to enter as the host, who can control the viewing:

  • The link provided to your guests will ask them to introduce themselves and ask permission to use their phone or pc camera.

  • Once they enter the tour their browser will confirm whether the user wants to share their microphone and camera, simply press Allow.

  • Be sure to enter the guided tour before your guests, otherwise, they will get a message indicating the following:

  • Once both you and your guest(s) are online you will be able to see and hear each other while you as the host, have control of the tour: wherever you navigate and look at on your own tour, is replicated to your guests in real-time.

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