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An overview of the different packages available for Tours

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There are currently two packages available, here is a look at both and what they include


  • The easy way to try out our virtual tour platform, at no cost to you.

  • Create up to 100 free virtual tours on your account, each having up to 10 scenes per tour.

  • We provide 15 minutes of complimentary live tour time to try out the live guided tours feature on your own properties. You can top this up at any time and use live guided tours on your free package.


  • Upgrade to our Pro package if you require unlimited tours with unlimited scenes per tour, all at a fixed fee.

  • The Pro package allows you to upload and display your own logo in the virtual tour viewer.

  • We provide 120minutes of total guided live tour time per year. You can top this up at any time.

Live guided tour time

  • On your account section, you will see the total minutes left for your live guided tours.

  • When you conduct a guided tour with clients, minutes will be subtracted from your account, but only while you and your clients are both connected in the active session.

  • The live guided tour time never expires and is available to you on either the free or pro accounts.

  • Additional live tour time can be purchased via credit card at any time and is added to your total live tour time.


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