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Requesting updates to your Flex website
Requesting updates to your Flex website

An overview of requesting changes to your Flex website

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Any updates required on your Flex website needs to go via email to in order to allocate it to the correct team. Requests need to come from the account owner only. We will then review and quote for the work.

Minor changes are free

We are running a pilot where we offer free updates to small changes. Requests for minor changes will be evaluated by our team and if the work involves less than 15min of our time, we will do this free of charge. These requests will be queued in a lower priority work queue but can save you a few bucks.

Can you give me access to my website for editing?

No, we do not allow external access to your website including source code. Only the Entegral team can access and update your website to ensure we provide a highly reliable & secure product for all clients.

Can I get external developers to design pages for my site?

You are welcome to provide design samples of how your page(s) should look like, but in all cases, Entegral designers & developers need to develop these pages from scratch to fit in with the Flex responsive framework. Our designers and developers fully understand the constraints we work with when developing pages, so this saves a lot of time.

Can you upload external scripts or other code to my website?

Many common scripts, e.g. Facebook messenger chat plugin, can be added quickly as it has been tested on previous Flex websites. Any unknown scripts can be integrated but will need to go through a testing process to ensure it doesn't break anything on your website.

Due to continuous updates done on the Flex website platform, we cannot guarantee that external scripts will continue to work indefinitely. In cases where external scripts impact negatively on Flex code updates, Entegral reserves the right to remove the code and notify you that updates and retesting would be required.

Can you add iframe content on my website?

We do not allow iframe code on Flex websites. The technology is quite old and there are several better ways to include external content on your website including embeddable widgets and scripts. Iframe code has several drawbacks including:

  • Security: Iframes can introduce security vulnerabilities, especially if you're embedding content from third-party websites. This may expose your site to cross-site scripting (XSS) or clickjacking attacks.

  • Responsive design: Ensuring that iframes resize properly for different devices and screen sizes can be challenging, and can result in a poor user experience on mobile devices.

  • Performance: Loading content within iframes can increase the overall load time of your web page, leading to a slower user experience. This is particularly true if the content being loaded in the iframe is not optimized.

  • Browser compatibility: While most modern browsers support iframes, some older browsers may not display them correctly or at all, which can lead to a poor user experience for visitors using outdated browsers.

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